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cooking classes

Updated Covid-19 message about Cooking classes at Nestle Inn:  We have resumed  cooking classes.  We have set up social distancing, mask wearing and individual work stations so that we can provide a safe and fun environment.  We just want to make sure we are conducting the classes in a safe environment not only in the kitchen but in our community as well.


Cooking classes at Nestle Inn are always informal and fun. Each class will provide you with the skill to prepare what you learn at home. Our Chef instructors are some of Indy's most talented chefs from Culinary Programs and from local restaurants and food venues from around town.
Get a group of your friends together.....grab your best friend, grab your mom or just come solo! Private cooking classes are available as well as team building classes with your co workers. Minimum class size for a private class is 10 with a maximum of 14.


Classes are held on differing dates. Friday classes are from 3pm -5pm, Saturdays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm and Sunday classes are from 3pm to 5pm. Classes are open to all  (21 and over) and no previous cooking experience is necessary.

Classes are $80 per person and include all chef instruction, food and beverages. Some classes are $90 a person (Christmas classes and sushi classes) due to the use of specialty products. Purchase 4 classes and save $20. 
To register for a class, please click on the class topic that fits your interests below. Registration for each class is on

If you are using a gift certificate you may also register at When prompted, enter the code from your gift certificate. If you are signing up two people, you will need to purchase each ticket separately, using the same code for each ticket.

Be sure to check availability for a guest room on the day of your class.  Mass Ave waits for you after your class to play all evening and then walk home to Nestle Inn.  With a cooking class, receive $20 off your room rate single or double occupancy.

If you have any questions, have difficulty signing up or if you just prefer to sign up by talking with us, please call us at 317 610 5200 or e-mail us at 

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A gift certificate for a cooking class or a guest room
is a great gift

Nestle Inn Cooking Class: Homemade Pasta
Once you learn to make homemade pasta, you might not eat anything else again. Learn how to make homemade pasta that you can make at is easier than you think. Join this Nestle Inn kitchen Italian experience!
Nestle Inn Cooking Class: Essential Baking Skills
Many chefs and good cooks say 'I'm not a baker!" It's true, that baking skills and cooking skills differ. But, with some basic and simple baking skills under your belt, you can be both a good cook and a good baker. Join us in the Nestle Inn kitchen and learn what you can experiment with and what you can't when baking. Finished products are photograph worthy at the end of this class!
Nestle Inn Cooking Class: Everything Pumpkin
Ok, so we won't be serving Pumpkin Spam.....but we really liked the picture! November means everything is Pumpkin, right? So join us in the Nestle Inn kitchen to up your pumpkin skills and repertoire of all things pumpkin!
Nestle Inn Cooking Class: The 5 Mother Sauces
Knowing the 5 basic 'Mother' Sauces is as helpful to the food lover as it is to the chef. Join us in the Nestle Inn kitchen and open up a world of culinary possibilities as you learn about Béchamel, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Tomato and Velouté Sauces. Then learn about how those sauces can make more sauces!
Nestle Inn Cooking Class: Holiday Crepes
Take some time to perfect your 'Crepe Roll' technique. Crepes can be enjoyed for breakfast,brunch, lunch, dinner or a special holiday dessert....and they are very easy! Join us in the Nestle Inn kitchen and take home some new recipes as you make your own unique crepe.
Nestle Inn Cooking Class: Holiday Scones and More
Guests coming to your house for the holidays? Learn to make scones to serve with a warm 'welcome' home. Scones come in all shapes, sizes and tastes. They really are simple but some basic baking principles are required that you might not be aware of. Join our pastry chef as she walks you through an afternoon of delicious scones. We'll also serve some wonderful English tea from our new Tea Samovar (a highly decorated tea urn used in Russia and other foreign countries).
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Be sure to check availability at Nestle Inn for an overnight stay on your class day. Mass Avenue is waiting for you once you finish in the kitchen! Then walk home to Nestle Inn. Single or Double occupancy: Receive $20 off your room rate with the purchase of a cooking class.

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