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As part of your Nestle Inn experience, we have partnered with our restaurant friends on Mass Ave to provide the breakfast part of our B&B. By going out for your breakfast and using your breakfast voucher, you can order whatever you would like off their menu and get breakfast when you want it. 

Flexibility and privacy for breakfast reflect the individualized service guests have come to expect at Nestle Inn. We always provide lots of coffee/hot tea right outside your room.  Feel free to bring your breakfast back to the Inn and eat on the front porch, the Nestle Inn kitchen or in your room!
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Flexible, Private and Delicious

Weekday Vouchers are $10 per person. If you are a couple, your voucher is worth $20. Weekend Vouchers are $12 a person. If you are a couple, your voucher is worth $24. Order whatever you like from their menus. Don't forget to take your voucher which will be in your room upon check in. 

Monday - Sunday  

Wake up to freshly ground Nestle Inn blend coffee and tea service and then head over to Henry's Coffee Bistro (right next door) or Coat Check Coffee (two blocks away) in the Athenaeum (Das Deutsche Haus), an historic 19th century German social center on Mass Ave.

Monday's choice is Coat Check Coffee as Henry's is closed on Mondays.
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Coat Check Coffee has plenty of room for talking, working or enjoying your breakfast

Both offer a varied menu of coffees, lattes, teas and breakfast goodies. The croissants and biscuit menu at Coat Check Coffee are particularly worth a visit and Henry's Paninnis are very popular.

Just fyi, both offer an order at the counter and then sit down type of service.  

Use Your Voucher when you Want

Coat Check Coffee opens at 8 am and Henry's opens at 8 am. 

If you have an early meeting or appointment and can't get there for breakfast, feel free to use your voucher for a midmorning break, lunch or afternoon coffee break.
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Don't forget to take your breakfast voucher with you when you go. 
Check out both menus on line to choose the best option for you.

Coat Check Coffee

401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN46202


Henry's Coffee Bistro

627 N East St, Indianapolis, IN 46202